24 Dec 2015

#013 Soft sweater with zips

Few weeks ago I took a look at The Sept Label and I'm a happy owner of their two items! Cashmire woolen sweater and Soft Sweater with zips on the side. Today's outfit it's about the second thing.  I matched the swaeter with black panties and slip-ons. It's very comfy and kinda sporty, but the swaeter might be worn ss an elegant piece as well.

The Sept Label - The Suki Soft Sweater in navy colour.
WalG London - Black panties
Diverse System - Bag and shoes (from summer '15 collection)
Klarf - all black watch 


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11 Dec 2015

#012 The grey Fifth

 Hi guys! 
 How's going before christmas? Have you bought all Xmas presents already? Yea.. me neither.
I’m  glad there’s no snow outside so I can take picture as if it was summer :)  I’m preparing a special post for you including my favourite Autumn things. Watch, jewelry, polishes, clothes, shoes, stuff, stuff and more stuff.  So stay tuned!  

The Fifth Label -  grey sweatshirt from Fashion Bunker
White mini - similar here, here and here
Axel Arigato - cap-toe sneaker
Fjord - Watch (on sale now!)


2 Dec 2015

#011 Milky coat + bow tie

As a white lover I just had to purchase light coat. I found perfect looking one at Backstage. The coat is oversize in beautiful milky colour ♥ Backstg site says it's a summer coat, but I'm sure no one kills you if you wear it during Autumn.
The outfit is kinda ellagant because of the white shirt and Marthu's black bow tie. But you can wear this coat with your favourite t-shirt and sneakers ;)


Backstg - milky coat
Marthu - bow tie (you can spy me on their site ;)
White shirt - very simple, that one you've got in your wardrobe. If not, you can find it on Asos.
Leather pants: similar here and here
Paul's Boutique - bag, similar here
Pier One - Ancle Boots
Cluse - Watch

24 Nov 2015

#010 Wool + leather

Black + leather. That's the best combo. As much as I love monochrome I just had to buy leather panties. They fit perfect to every look. You can wear just the white tee. With leather it looks really good. Remember to buy pants, not leggins!
I'm wearing the dreMeMalism d.closer wool coat. It's a light coat, made of wool with warm sleeves. 
That classic, universal black colour.

deaMeMalism d. closer wool coat
H&M imitation leather pants
Lanti white open back top
born2be classic black booties
Celia Gould silk scarf 
Cluse silver watch

10 Nov 2015

#009 Grey wool on blacks.

Few days ago I met two amazing girls who own the clothing brand DOT. I joined their event called Dotownik, here in Cracow. I fell in love with all the designs. Clothes are simple but made of high quality materials. The Liv Dress is my current favourite outfit! 
As the Autumn and Winter season begun we all want to stay warm and cosy. Shopping centres are full of coats and jackets. If you strill don't have any warm piece of clothing (or you want to have more) for this season you should necessarily know another Polish brand called RAW They offer beautiful coats. First of all they are warm and made of wool! The design is simple and classic. Well tailored, with ideal proportions. And the price... the price is way too low. 

Dress: The Liv Dress in Black DOT
Coat: Grey coat with slim lapels RAW
Bandana: my boyfirned's one. Men H&M. Similar here
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: Pier One on Zalando
Subglasses: Rayban Wayfarer
Watch: Munan Fjord Timepieces   
Ring: silver ring with real coal. I Coal You 

29 Oct 2015

#008 Mini-Turtle Neck Top

 I've finnaly decided to cut my hair! For about 6/7 years I wear them really long. Now I really feel like my head is on the vocation. What a relief! It's been a hard decision. I like long hair but I felt like bit like a 15yo girl from school with those skinny blue jeanies, coloured tshirt and running in Nike Force Air. Haha, sorry.  That's how I see the girls. 

About the outfit. Simply but very stunning. The navy blue mini-turtle neck looks perfect with simple, classic black skirt and Ancle boots - every girl must have for this Autumn! Don't forget about the details. Classic watch with delicate gold patted bracelet.

In my last post I promised to show you guys my new Ancle Boots. 
Here's the photo. You can also see them on Zalando here.

 Sashion Mini-Turtle Neck Top 
Black skirt, similar here, here and here
Ancle Boots: Pier One / Zalando 
Poplavsky Onyx Gold Bracelet
Atlantic Watch 

8 Oct 2015

#007 Not so formal

Feeling not so formal lately because of wearing the white Superstar like all the time!  But.. I already bought perfect ancle boots for this Autumn! Cannot wait to show you guys how I style them! Ohh you can find me on snapchat (yeah.. finally decided to run this app!) : cgrabowskalive

Been busy last days. Getting ready for Crack Fashion Festival, here in Cracow. Event starts at 10.00 on Sat! Cannot wait to see the ICE Cracow for the very first time. I've never been inside!

Coat: Diplomat BLACKBOW
My dad's white shirt. 
Pants: The Shanti Butterfly I got from online boutique Pure Moda 
Shoes: Adidas Foundation Superstar, all white. 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer

Claudia, xx

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Snapchat: cgrabowskalive

1 Oct 2015

#006 Cowl Neck Knit

That's my idea of wearing comfy. I'm actually learning how to wear white. It's still a huge problem for me to fit it right. Glad to have my own stylist Anna, who is always there to give great advice. 

Can't belive it's already October. That't my favourite month of the year. Hope this year will end up quick. It wasn't a good time for me but the most interesting I guess. Anyway, it's still 2015 and I have to get myself together! 


The Design Republik - The Cowl Neck OS Knit
Rumba Time - Soho Suede Watch
Le Feminin - Simone Lace Bra
Folk And Frame - Clausen Glasses
Adidas Superstar Foundation Shoes