28 Nov 2019

#327 November favourites


There was no doubt while I was doing the selection of month favourites - the coat and the boots won. A t a s t y side of Autumn.

1. Definitely my favourite coat this month. I love the soft wool and mohair in amazing tasty brown colour. Elementy coat
2. I was looking for a brown polish nail colour. It was really hard to find. Finally bought the Pupa Milano. A nice dark shade of brown. Tasty!
3. Absolutely adore this cute little chocker from Australian brand YCL Jewels
4. Nubian Musk is a deep fragrance I wanted to smell this month. I also mixed with some flower-sweetish smells and the effect was even more luxurious. Sana Jardin
5. I bought the Zara mom jeans long time ago. I wasn't wearing them much lately so I just gave them a second life this month.  Similar Zara mom jeans.
5. Imagine a tasty dark chocolate.. that's the boots colour. Comfortable and great looking. Ain't no other boots at the moment. Jonak
6. It's cold and my lips need a hydration. Nuxe lip balm helps a lot.
7. That LaMer serum is my favourite so far. My skin is well soothed and smoothed but for a better hydration I have to continue with a face cream. You can also use the serum as your foundation base.
8. Such a nice shoulder bag lately - capacious bag in modern shape. Beige leather with gold details. See By Chloe

Claudia, xx

26 Nov 2019

#326 Little black dress


F e a t u r i n g :
dress Sezane
coat Elementy
boots Jonak
bag ~thrifted
earrings AuRate

My Autumn idea for the little black dress. Autumn gave me warm weather -again. I just put my favourite coat on and mixed that with white high leather boots. The vintage bag is a nice accessory. 

Claudia, xx

22 Nov 2019

#325 pieces selection - matching with the blue


Blue is good. I’m telling you. Blue colour is good. Let's mix and match but still put classic at first. How do you like that simple Autumn outfit inspiration?

1. blue blouse Ivy&Oak
2. sunglasses Prism London
3. coat Toteme
4. taupe boots By Far
5. black jeans Zara
6. fragrance Tom Ford
7. bag Boyy

Claudia, xx

18 Nov 2019

#324 Verso Super Serum Series

VERSO Super Serum Series
The brand Verso released a super duo kit last month. It's a selection of their two bestselling products: the Verso Super Facial Serum and Super Eye Serum.
Both contains their Retinol 8 formula. It is Verso proprietary Vitamin A complex - eight times as effective as traditional retinol yet half as irritative.
How I use it? The Super Eye Serum I use in the morning and the evening. The Facial Serum I only put on the morning. It does really good combined with my everyday foundation. Both serums improves the skin’s texture and ability to reduce wrinkles and discolouration.

Also, I have an 20% off code for of on all the products on www.versoskincare.com
Just use: VersoxHoliday 
It's valid from the 18th of November until the 24th of November.

Claudia, xx

16 Nov 2019

#323 Boots you won't want to take off this season


Boots you won't want to take off this season!
A little selection of the slowfashioned boots for the Autumn/Winter season but
also for the warm months to your favourite summertime dress.

links to all the boots featured above:
lace up boots Jonak
cowboy style boots Polo Ralph Lauren
brown boots in velour leather Ryłko
light beige boots Aeyde
white high boots Jonak
green, cowboy style Aeyde
with golden buckle Jonak
black ankle boots Calvin Klein
with rubber elements Ryłko

Below, my outfit post with one of the Jonak boots.

I ' m  w e a r i n g :
coat Mohito
turtleneck Weekday
jeans Topshop
boots Jonak
bag See By Chloe
sunglasses Polette
 Claudia, xx

13 Nov 2019

#322 Pieces selection - warm colours

Keeping myself warm - in warm colours. I need these chelsea boots and croc side bag. Just imagine wearing that warm colours outfit and smell of Super Cedar by Byredo. Ohh that bottle of fragrance is on my wishlist..

Satin Wrap Dress Low Classic
Chelsea boots ATP Atelier
Wool coat Mango
Trousers Zara
Cardigan Zara
Bag Naked Vice
Fragrance Byredo

Claudia, xx

9 Nov 2019

#321 The blue shirt affair

I have a little affair with blue shirt. I paired the shirt with white pants to show colour even more. Classic croc pumps in chocolate colour in not too high heel to keep it comfy. And let's say the black bag is very random. I can change it to any other. 

F e a t u r i n g :
blue shirt Ivy&Oak 
white pants Zara (old collection)
croc pumps Paso A Paso

Claudia, xx

6 Nov 2019

#320 Men's clothes in my wardrobe

Do you wear men's clothes? I do. I have a lot of men's pieces in my wardrobe. The shirt pictured above is one of them. It's my dad's old shirt. It's too big for him now, so I stole it and wear as an oversized. I also have big men's turtlenecks / sweaters (sometimes I wear them as a dress with belt or without and to my high boots) or my favourite men's blazers. I love these pieces. Most of the women garments are tailored which is very correct but for now, I'd rather wear non perfect fit clothes.
Is it possible to find men's stuff in your wardrobe?  

F e a t u r i n g : 
Laward my dad's shirt 
Topshop pants
Weekday coat
Coach bag
Only boots
Tommy Hilfiger belt
Polette sunglasses

Claudia, xx