29 Feb 2016

#026 Black Jumpsuit and navy trench coat


I'm really sorry for me absence. I was sick and I couldn't even think right ;) I got better so here I am. 
Happy Anniversary to my parrents! They got married 24 years ago! My dad did a surprise party for my mom last Saturday! 

Black Jumpsuit 
and navy trench coat




SheInSide Trench Navy Coat  
Pilgrim Flying High Jumpsuit 
Solar - silk scarf
Zara seude boots
Zara bag
Wolsch Watch  (use code CLAUDIA to get 10% off the regular price :)
RayBan Weyfarer


Stay healthy!
Claudia, xx

17 Feb 2016

#025 Top 5 lace-up flats

Top 5 lace up flats

On my last post lots of you notices my flat lace-up ballets and you really liked them. The shoes are on point now, so here are the top 5 in my opinion. If you don't have them yet, maybe I'll help you to make the decision.

1. Audrey Lace up Flats Anna Xi // Pictured above. The one I used in my last post here.
2. Lace Up Pointed Ballet Flats Asos
3. Colyn Flats Aldo
4. Christy Lace-up flats Aquazzura
5. KINGDOM Ghillie Shoes Topshop

15 Feb 2016

#024 One dress / two styles

 Happy Monday, lovers and liars!
How was your Valentines day? 
 Here is the post to show you, that sometimes you can change a little bit in your outfit to look completly different! I took a dress from DrunkLegends and created two styles.
It's all about the details.


Romantic and kinda Boho?  

I'm wearing:
Drunk Legends dress  / BOTH LOOKS
 Anna Xi lace up flat shoes / first look
Parfois ankle boots / similar here  / second look
 Stradivarius hat / second look

Accessories/ in both looks:
Anna King clutch
Cluse watch / it's sold out now, but they have more beautiful watches.
The MNML bangle

Claudia, Xx


12 Feb 2016

#023 What's on my iPhone? Apps + acceroriess

As a blogger I take a lot of pictures. Most of them is taken by phone. I also processed the photos on my phone by using apps. I decided to create a post about it, because I thought it my be helpful for some of you. I will tell you more about what apps I use (not just to processed the photographs), how I use my phone, what's really important for me, and what are my acceroriess :)

 What's on my iPhone?
Fisrt of all I keep my phone clean. It means I don't have any useless applications. I'm not a game lover. When I download one I play for a few days and then uninstall. I also delete old photos. I don't use calendar to plan my week but I do use Siri to remind me of some things. 

1. Instagram. It all started here. The most important app on my phone, hah. See my account here
2. Snapseed. The best app to processed the photos. You can change almost everything here and you won't lose quality.
3. VSCO another good app to processed your photos. If you use filters your phots may lose a lit bit of quality.
4. Behance - great app to see and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. It get inspired!
5. Tumblr - a lot of pices from all around the world. See my fashion account here.
6. Tidal - the best music app. To listen, discover, watch. I was one of the first who could listen to Rihanna's new album.
7. Shazaam - don't know what artist is playing on the radio? Use this app. It shows you. ,
8. Snapchat - I'm a fresh user of it. My nickname: CGRABOWSKALIVE
9. LookBook - this is the place where I discover the most stunning outfits of bloggers all around the world. 

All of those apps are available on iOS and Android. Most of them, on other operating systems.

My accesoriess


My new wool case. It's from Wonderful Things Factory. My iPhone is wearing Luxory, too ;)


To charge my phone I use cable from LeCord. This particular it's made of leather and wood.

Now tell me what are your fav apps? What do you use to processed the photos?


10 Feb 2016

#022 Cashmere wool sweater

Cashmere wool sweater

I promised you the post with cashmere sweater and here it is! Matched with white pants and grey heels. And so.. how do you like it?

The Sept Cashmere wool sweater
BNKR The Fifth Label white pants
Mohito heels 
Charlize watches
Pull&Bear bracelet


Claudia, Xx
Snapchat: cgrabowskalive

6 Feb 2016

#021 Rêve En Vert super soft tee.

Happy weekend!
Bringing you today classic black t-shirt. 

 Rêve En Vert is the premier online destination for sustainable luxury fashion. 
I'm featuring the Black Tee from their own line of organic pima cotton basics. 

The softness cotton tee I've ever wore!

Claudia, Xx


3 Feb 2016

#020 Somi apparel

Hi guys! I've just received my new order! Very comfy and soft apparel.

Let me indruduce the SOMI Apparel

Those casual basics with a modern sensibility are made of high quality fabric and elastics. I wish you could thouch the material. They are super soft.  
Also, the Somi Apparel is partner with the Harpswell Foundation. It's a group that is working to build the next generation of women leaders in Cambodia, a country that was depleted of its educated class during the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. Harpswell takes a comprehensive approach by providing much needed dormitory housing, leadership training, English tutors, and professional guidance to a talented and intelligent group of young women.