24 Nov 2015

#010 Wool + leather

Black + leather. That's the best combo. As much as I love monochrome I just had to buy leather panties. They fit perfect to every look. You can wear just the white tee. With leather it looks really good. Remember to buy pants, not leggins!
I'm wearing the dreMeMalism d.closer wool coat. It's a light coat, made of wool with warm sleeves. 
That classic, universal black colour.

deaMeMalism d. closer wool coat
H&M imitation leather pants
Lanti white open back top
born2be classic black booties
Celia Gould silk scarf 
Cluse silver watch

10 Nov 2015

#009 Grey wool on blacks.

Few days ago I met two amazing girls who own the clothing brand DOT. I joined their event called Dotownik, here in Cracow. I fell in love with all the designs. Clothes are simple but made of high quality materials. The Liv Dress is my current favourite outfit! 
As the Autumn and Winter season begun we all want to stay warm and cosy. Shopping centres are full of coats and jackets. If you strill don't have any warm piece of clothing (or you want to have more) for this season you should necessarily know another Polish brand called RAW They offer beautiful coats. First of all they are warm and made of wool! The design is simple and classic. Well tailored, with ideal proportions. And the price... the price is way too low. 

Dress: The Liv Dress in Black DOT
Coat: Grey coat with slim lapels RAW
Bandana: my boyfirned's one. Men H&M. Similar here
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: Pier One on Zalando
Subglasses: Rayban Wayfarer
Watch: Munan Fjord Timepieces   
Ring: silver ring with real coal. I Coal You