31 Aug 2015

#002 White Peek Tunic by Marie Hell

I love white colour. It's an essence of pureness and sophistication. That's why I feel so unique in this white Peek Tunic from Marie Hell's collection. I adore minimalist design because less means more.

dress Marie Hell www.mariehell.com / shoes ZARA
 jewelry Agata BieleĊ„, Dorota Todd
MUA Anna Jachimczak

21 Aug 2015

#001 The very first

Hi everyone!
This is the very first post on new style blog. Long time ago I decided to make one but never had time and chance to make it done. Finally it's on! Some of you might know me from my Instagram profile cgrabowska. If you love pure white, light, pastels, clean and a little bit of black stay tuned for beautiful photos, outfits and much more!

Claudia, xx.