30 Jan 2016

#019 Three ways to wear boring, grey sweater

We all have simple, grey and classics sweaters in our wardrobe. Not everybody has an idea how to wear it and to not look boring. Simplicity is the real beauty. 
We just have to break the routine of grey sweater, skinny blue jeans and 'everyday shoes'. 
Doesn't it sounds really boring? Like a teenage gilr in her school outfit. 
I've created a three sets using Polyvore to show you how cool and unique look can be. The sets are featuring Cashmere Uniqlo V-neck sweater. Very simple and minimal but beautiful. I'm sure you're gonna love them. 

#1 Casual & comfy
I chaged our favourite light blue, skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans. 
The 'everyday shoes' - white sneakers. Black leathered handbag with classic watch
 Does it look boring? I don't think so.. :)
#2 Grown woman
..Not at all. I'm 24 and I'd wear it! 
White, viscose pants with high heels and coloured handbag. 
I can see most of you are flipping your hair back :) 
3# The daily elegance 
"Ok, fine.. but where's my favourite black colour?" - Here it is. 
Midi, black skirt with bitching flats! 
Don't forget about watch and classic sunnies.  That's it, huh? 

Soon I'll create a post  with full outfit of me wearing grey 'boring' sweater ;)

Claudia, Xx
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27 Jan 2016

#018 A modern hide up in black

One of my favourite outfit. Wearing almost all black. Cowl necks, leather, comfy pants and sneakers. Who doesn't like that? The cowl neck is from Zara Men, seriously! I sometimes buy men's clothes. I don't think it's weird. Same swaeters are on the women's side but the price is higher.
I'm looking for a men's shirt as well. White, classic and not fitted. It's really hard to find something that will high satify you. All those women's shirts are tight-fitted and kinda short (exept shirt-dresses). I want something oversize. Men's will be perfect.
The pants I'm wearing here are from Pilgrim Clothing and they are very elegant. I wear it sporty here but I'm sure I will make another outfit with them wearing heels and.. maybe the white shirt? ;) Will be classic!



 Lomo Pants by Pilgrim Clothing
Zara Man cowl neck similar here
Zara Woman leather jacket
Leather Bumbag by Christina Fischer 
White Superstar
Ray Ban Wayfarer

Mentally I still feel really bad and I need more organization. I do my best. Just breathe.

Happy Wednesday!
Claudia freakin' Caulfield, xx

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25 Jan 2016

#017 New moodboard

How's your Blue Monday?
Today was a really horrible day for me. I think Imma get sick. But.. I've got a while to set up a little post for you.
Few days ago I refresh my moodboard. The old one hang another months and I had an idea for a new design. After change I feel better and it looks better. Do you create your moodboards? I find a lot of them online, I do mine on my wall. Looks perfect in the morning light.

I do not waer often of golden jewelery. Few days ago I saw a photo of a girl wearing a golden bars. I fell in love. I just have to get mine. Found the beauties on Velvet Parsnips ♥ So.. what do you think? Aren't they lovely? The bars perfectly fit to my watches with golden details!

Gotta do some hot chocolate on this gloomy Monday. Blue Monday.
Claudia, Xx

20 Jan 2016

#016 Casual white knit

Black and white are aloways the best combo.
Casual day wearing white WalG London Knit. Matched with black pants with holes. Simple outfit, but I love the effect. 

Zara pants similar here, here and here
House Shoes similar here and here
Folk And Frame glasses
Rosefield watch 

Claudia, Xx
snap: cgrabowskalive

11 Jan 2016

#015 The things I love - Autumn/Winter season

L i s t  o f  m y  f a v o u r i t e   t h i n g s / m u s t   h a v e s :

-Weekly planner 
Decided to get one because I use to forget important stuff and things I have to do. Now I see clearly every day and what to do. 
Studio Of Basic Design

-My new iPhone 6S,

-Rose gold watch with black straps. 
Marc Bale

I have a lots of them!  Every colour, in every shade! I change the nails every 2-3 days. Life's too short to wear a colour longer ;)
Trust Fund Beauty

-Hand Cream 
It's winter here which means low temperatures. My hands get dry. Hand cream it's completly must have for this time of year. 

Wear it to my favourite watch. 

-Minimalistic rings 
Agata BieleĊ„

-White sneakers
Adidas Superstar
Axel Arigato

-Skin Cream
Completly organic cream. Perfect for dry skin and daily use.  Smells of chocolate. 
Meow Meow Tweet

-Shampoo and coditioner.

-Hair Hydrator
Lux Aestiva Endless Summer Hair Hydrator 

I'm a natural ginger girl. My hair are always in bad condition, haha. These products are a huge relief for me. 

-Facial peels
Avon Planet Spa

-Rose gold minimalistic bracelet.
The Peach Box

-Bow tie.
My favourite black bow tie. Perfect match with white shirt.  
Marthu.com (yes, it's me on the pics :)

-Burgundy/Lavender lipstick
Inglot 420 

And of course Ancle boots!
I got mine from Parfois

Lazy days in warm socks!
Happy Socks

What are yours fav Autumn/Winter things?


6 Jan 2016

#014 Criss-cross back

Total black look. Looks heavy but take a look at delikate criss-cross back of the Astrid top from Belmto! Perfection! Gotta love that detailing.

Belmto Astrid Top 
The Fifth Label Empire Cardigan from BNKR
Black midi skirt. Similar Monki, Boohoo, Miss Guided 
Born2Be Boots 
FolkAndFrame - glasses
MarcBale watch
ICoalYou - silver with coal ring

My little make-up bag from Mayko. Black leather with dots ♥

Happy New Year!
Claudia, xx