20 Sep 2018

#213 Everyday simplicity and quality of life - Verso Skincare

f e a t u r i n g :
Micellar Water
Day Cream
Enzyme Peel 
Hydration Serum
Foaming Cleanser

The beauty brand that not only looks amazing. But please take a look how beautiful and simple their packages are.
The beauty is inside. What makes them so special? Verso use Retinol 8 which is their secret recipe (Vitamin A complex Retinol 8). "Eight times as effective as traditional retinol and half as irritative, Retinol 8 stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production, substantially reducing the signs of aging" they say. Products are made for any skin types. They keep me hydrated for all day long and can be paired with personal favorites. What I think is the most important - No unnecessary ingredients! Verso select high-quality substances. The main Retinol 8 helps to keep the ingredient count low and also the products are free from color additives, parabens and mineral oil.
My totally favourites. 

Claudia, xx

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