17 Feb 2017

#115 Early spring wishes

After long winter I finally felt the sun on my skin. I miss the warm weather, sunglasses and sandals. Here's is my early spring wishlist. Classic things which are still missing in my wardrobe. I've been thinking about white cigarette pants since last summer season.. than the winter came and I forgot. It's time to finally get them. 
Red accents. Totally yes. I'm thinking about the red mules or sandals maybe? Red bag will be also a great idea. Same with the red and dark pink lipsticks - all mine! Be juicy! ; )
All of my watches are 34, 36 or 40. I need one classic in smaller shape. 26mm from DW collection will be perfect.  Adnd look at those cute diamonds ♥
Gold, gold, gold and more gold! Oh.. can you smell the new Miu Miu? That's how the spring smells like this season! 

1. black cardigan Basic Apparel
2. denim shirt Zara Men
3. black denim mom fit jeans Bershka
4. long dots & chain earrings in gold Irena Chmura
5. cigarette trousers in white Topshop
6. fragrance Miu Miu
7. classy bristol 26 mm watch Daniel Wellington
8. high heeled backless shoes Zara

And also... here is my new moodboard. Sitting here and waiting for spring! I'm sure you can't wait for the sunny days to come as well!


Claudia, xx


  1. Myślę, że większość z nas czeka już na wiosnę :) Na pewno inspiracji na ten sezon nie zabraknie :)

  2. Love your wishlist Claudia, especially this Zara heels, love them :) xoxo

  3. Twój moodboard to moje marzenie ! nieziemski <3 poproszę ten czarny cardigan!

    Sylv ;*