22 Feb 2017

#116 Loafers game - Spring most wanted shoes

L o a f e r s,  m o c c a s i n s  & f l a t s 
Loafers.. They are the most wanted shoes now. Why we want them? All because of the Gucci loafers trend. Classic, with fur, leather or seude, coloured, patterned, shiny, matt.. should I say more? We love them all. They are perfect for the upcomming spring outfits. Above some inspirations from the streets all over the world. The pictures and more you will find on my Pinterest here
Below, I'll show you where to buy the beauties in cheaper way! 
Do you have your own loafers?  What are your favourites?  

Claudia, xx


  1. omg loove these.
    the fur slides are definitely my fav ones!

  2. Srebrne byłyby świetne, musze gdzies upolowac! ♥

    Sylv ;*